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We just loved Sarah and Jared. They are such a fun couple and their love filled the air! Sarah and Jared were married on October 20, 2012 at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Ashland, Virginia. The reception was held at The John Marshall Ballroom in Downtown Richmond.

Sarah Budi is from Beaverdam, Virginia and Jared Engeset is from Washington state. They met through mutual friends and now live in Alexandria, Virginia.

This first group of pictures were taken in Ashland, Virginia and show how much fun Sarah and Jared have with just the two of them!

Wedding Photographer

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Tuxedo’s: Men’s Warehouse
Wedding Gown: Nicole Miller
Video: Scott Strimple
Cake: A Cake to Remember
Flowers: Coleman Brothers
Band: Trademark
Food: Homemade’s By Suzanne

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The Reception


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Avid JMU and University of Washington Fans!

We hope you enjoy this wedding photography by our professional wedding photographer Virginia.