Richmond Wedding | Diane and Julie

Richmond Wedding | Diane and Julie

This is a very exciting post for us! What’s better than getting an opportunity to photography two ceremonies for two very special people. In 2009 Hayes & Fisk photographed a beautiful commitment ceremony for Diane and Julie. Now fast-forward to 2014 (exactly 5 years to the day) when we had the privilege of capturing a magical moment in the lives of these two amazing ladies. Only 5 days after Virginia began granting marriage licenses for same-sex couples, Diane and Julie got to say “I Do!” and make it official in the eyes of the state.

Friends and Family joined together on Friday, October 10, 2014 (the 5th Anniversary of their commitment ceremony) to witness Diane and Julie make their marriage official…this time with that beautiful piece of paper in hand! For many, getting a marriage license is just part of the process but for these two ladies it was the final step that solidified what they mean to each other.

In this post we have included pictures from their marriage on October 10, 2014 and from their commitment ceremony on October 10, 2009.

Wedding | October 10, 2014



IMG_2108IMG_2144IMG_2147IMG_2199IMG_2198IMG_2191IMG_2188IMG_2186IMG_2184IMG_2180IMG_2177IMG_2161IMG_2159IMG_2158IMG_2150IMG_2202IMG_2209IMG_2205IMG_2204IMG_2220Commitment Ceremony | October 10, 2009