Inside Look Interview 2: Hayes & Fisk PhotographyInside Look Interview 2: Hayes & Fisk Photography

Our next client interview is with Amy Street Bitz. We have had a wonderful relationship with Amy and Jamie since we photographed their wedding and new we are so honored to have the chance to photograph their beautiful children.

H&F: Tell us about your relationship with H&F.

AB: It started with our wedding. Hayes and Fisk did both our bridal portraits and day of Wedding Photography.

H&F: How/Why did you choose H&F for your Wedding Photographer?

Our wedding planner, Naomi Meyer, suggested Hayes and Fisk to us so we set up a meeting with Jamie. As soon as we met Jamie we knew he was the one. We loved his energy and his professionalism but at the same time he was very laid back. This suited our personality very well.

H&F: I know you have continued to use H&F since you wedding so you must have been happy with the final product?

AB: Of yes, we loved everything and now we love having Jamie capture these special moments with our two children, Caitlin and Jackson.

We started with maternity portraits and then did newborn sessions with both children. Jamie is just so great with children. Again, his energy is awesome and he knows exactly what to do to get that perfect shot.

H&F: Have your used H&F for anything else?

AB: Yes! They did our holiday photo this year. It turned out so awesome that we used it for our Christmas Card photo and it was a hit. (Scroll down to see Holiday Card Image)

H&F: Anything else you would like to add?

AB: There is one funny story. Our daughter Caitlin is very serious and sometimes it is hard to get her to smile. In our last session my husband was trying to make her smile and Jamie was capturing photos the whole time of the funny/pouty/mad faces she was making. We took these funny images and made a panel of all of various shots. We just love the way it turned out!

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