Inside Look Interview 5: Hayes & Fisk

We just can’t express enough how much we are loving these client interviews and we certainly hope you are too!

The next interview is with Jen Rosen. We have been photographing her family since 2004.

H&F: How did your relationship get started with Hayes and Fisk?

JR: In 2004 my first son was 18 months old and my husband took him to H&F to get his portrait done for my Mother’s Day Gift. After that I totally hooked!

H&F: How has the relationship continued throughout the year?

JR: Since then I have had two more boys and we have had both of their 18 month oil portraits done. These are keepsakes we will treasure forever. We also go in every Christmas for their Quick Takes, to get the perfect holiday picture. Occasionally we go in for a spring portrait in their garden and when they were doing the beach portraits for their book we did one of those. We love that portrait – it hangs above the mantel in our bedroom. And this same beach portrait made the cover of their book so that was exciting!

Actually, I could go on and on. H&F also did a portrait of our entire extended family and when my law firm needed a group shot I called on Jamie for that as well.

Oh, and we took the boys to H&F’s sister studio, Real Life Studios for a picture with Santa. My youngest had screamed bloody murder at the mall with Santa but of course Jamie got him to sit there and take the perfect picture.

H&F: What is the key factor that keeps you coming back to H&F?

JR: It has to be Jamie’s rapport with my kids. I have three boys that would rather be out playing but because they love Mr. Jamie, they are excited to go to the studio. They stand still and smile and do exactly what is asked of them. They even get mad when I go to the studio or see Mr. Jamie without them.

H&F: Anything else you would like to add?

JR: The hardest part is picking just one or two final images. There are just so many great ones to choose from. I tell Jamie all of the time, he knows exactly how to hook a parent. He takes that perfect picture and you just HAVE to have it! We just LOVE Mr. Jamie!