Inside Look Interview 6: Hayes & Fisk

Our client interview series continues with India, Shirley and their son Sir Dylan the Dragon Slayer. Over the past few years we have welcomed them into the Hayes and Fisk Family with open arms. Dylan is such a sweetheart and we are better for having met him.

H&F: How did your relationship get started with Hayes & Fisk?

I&S: The very first time was a cute kid contest that H&F did with Romp-n-Roll and Mary shot Dylan during that first session. Then H&F did an Instagram Contest for the Holidays in 2013 and we entered a picture of our dog with a Santa hat on and much to our surprise the photo won the contest! Part of our prize with a portrait session and free images from H&F and we decided to have to pictures done of Dylan.

That session started a great relationship and we just keep coming back for every model call or contest that H&F puts out there.

H&F: What makes it so a good relationship that you keep coming back?

I&S: Dylan and Jamie just hit it off. When Jamie first photographed Dylan he could barely smile but Jamie interacted with him so well that the images were just perfect. Dylan and Jamie just got each other. We tell Jamie that they bring out the best in each other. Jamie gets the perfect shot and Dylan is the perfect subject every time. You kind of have to be there to see the magic happen. Their relationship and interaction is just awesome and that says a lot about Jamie. He is just the BEST.

H&F: What promotions or events have you come back for?

I&S: So we have participated in the Cute Kid Contest, the Instagram Contest, the Buttons & Bows model call, the Sweet Spot & VCU Medical Center Portrait Installation and a stylized shoot for The Wedding Planner Magazine of Richmond at Dover Hall.

Dylan is a total extravert so when H&F calls for models we encourage it. He is in his element and as long as he is enjoying it we will continue to participate.

And we just LOVE Mary & Jamie so we would do just about anything they asked of us!

H&F: Do you have any closing comments?

I&S: All of these sessions have actually lead to a “little career” in baby modeling. As soon as he can stand up a little better on his own he is going to do some modeling. H&F was truly the inspiration for getting to this point. Since Dylan excels in this and enjoys it we are going with it!

However most importantly, we keep coming back because we think these images are so special. We don’t shy away from Dylan’s disabilities. Sometimes the images show his hearing aids, braces or walker but because Jamie takes the perfect image they are not the focus. In fact most people only notice Dylan, they don’t see the objects in the picture. First you see a beautiful kid and then you may notice he has a hearing aid. In this day and age models or subjects of pictures can be defined in many ways. Dylan will look at these images one day and consider him “normal” just like the other kids he meets. And vice versa, other kids look at these images and see Dylan as “normal”.

Finally, we want to thank you for giving us this opportunity to talk about H&F. Mary and Jamie need to know now they impact people. What they do is so important and is so valued.

We have had a blast and look forward to many more wonderful memories and adventures!  Our family motto is, “Celebrate Everything!” and we can think of no one better to celebrate with then Hayes and Fisk!

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Also here is a heartwarming video of the first time Dylan received his hearing aids: